Cradle of Hope for Relief and Development - Background
Cradle of Hope for Relief and Development



………Investing in people and saving precious and innocent lives……..

Non Governmental Organization (NGO

The bloody civil conflict, which lasted for over a decade in the West African State of Liberia that destroyed thousands of precious and innocent lives and properties, has since ended and with the help of the International Community, a democratically elected leadership was ushered into office with the hope of rebuilding the nation.

However, Liberian refugees continue to battle the post-war dilemma of psychological trauma, insecurity, and the lack of skills needed. To aid them in effectively contributing to the rebuilding process. For this reason, refugees exiled within the sub region are unwilling to voluntarily return home and are rather continuing to opt for resettlement in a third country on asylum. Liberian refugees, therefore, need social, economical and professional empowerment to enable them to fully and willingly participate in the rebuilding process with commitment and dedication. This will, to a greater extent, prevent or minimize the possibilities of a re-occurrence of the unfortunate circumstance Liberia is emerging from.

During the prolonged period of exile life, the vast majority of refugees did not acquire any form of skills or training. The result is that a large number of empty-handed and empty-headed citizens are returning home than well-wishers would have loved to see. This is one of the reasons why the reconstruction and development of Liberia will not be on a plain sail.  It is also one of the fundamental contributors to the refugees’ reluctance to return to Liberia. This is because majority of them can hardly withstand the challenges facing their reintegration into the system on their return to Liberia.

To overcome these challenges, instruments of transformation steered by selfless leadership must be put in place ‘now’ to support Government, refugee agencies and the international community’s effort at rebuilding Liberia.

Certainly, Cradle of Hope for Relief and Development (CHRAD) is one such instrument. It was established and incorporated in 2007 by Ghana’s Registrar General Department with certificate number G-22,078. CHRAD is founded and managed by a refugee on the philosophy that “with the required guidance and support, every human being is capable of becoming a useful asset to his/her society”.



CHRAD is currently operating within the Buduburam Refugees’ Settlement in the Central Region of the Republic of Ghana  where it is providing psycho-social counseling to an estimated 21,000 refugees at the settlement in order to deepen their sense of patriotism towards their homeland and also:

  • To promote and uphold self-reliance, self-determination, self-esteem and self-worth among refugees and other deprived communities in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • To enable refugees in Sub-Saharan Africa to see their countries of origin / communities as a home to which they owe an individual patriotic obligation to rebuild, develop and protect at all time. 
  • To enable refugees in Sub-Saharan Africa (through consistent counseling) to overcome challenges facing their reluctance to return home even in time of peace.
  • To assist refugees within the Sub-Sahara Africa in identifying and making good use of opportunities for self-advancement while in exile in order to prepare them professionally so that they could, in the near future, contribute to the rebuilding process of their damaged communities.
  • To identify resources in support of various aspects of human resource, infrastructure and socio-economic well-being of refugees and other deprived communities in Sub -Sahara Africa.
  • To identify and support sustainable programmes for refugees’ children physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth. 
  •  To support any form of organized and recognized repatriation programme for refugees within the Sub-Saharan Africa to their home land / communities when peace is established. 

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