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Cradle of Hope for Relief and Development


Non Governmental Organization (NGO)

Cradle of Hope for Relief and Development is a Non-Governmental Organization established in the year 2007 by Lawrence Saah Varnie (a Liberian Refugee), supported by colleagues and managed by same. It operates within the refugees’ community of Buduburam Refugees settlement also known as Liberia Refugees camp.

Since establishment, CHRAD has seriously been engaged in social psycho-counseling of refugees to deepen the culture of patriotism and initiating drives to promote and uphold self-reliance, self-determination, self-esteem and self-worth among the youth with particular focus on young women on a one to one basis. Even though CHRAD lacks resources to effectively undertake various necessary projects identified, it has, however, been able to organize a workshop on Intelligence and Multiple Intelligence for Parents and Teachers within the Refugees Community. The project benefited 14 representatives out of the 50 schools and individuals that were invited. Evaluation shows that beneficiaries of the training have impacted other colleagues (estimated at 20 beneficiaries per participant) from their various schools hence bringing the total of beneficiaries (direct and indirect) to an estimated 280 Parents and Teachers.

Additionally, CHRAD has also served an estimated 500 youths on various forms of Counseling using the group discussion and one on one approach on Health and Sanitation, Teenage Pregnancy, Abortion, Awareness of unwanted Pregnancy, the importance of Education, the role of the Youth in National Development, the differences between Rights and Privileges, Cost-Benefit Analysis in Decision-Making, the need for self-reliant, self-worth and a sense of patriotism etc.

Taking into consideration the high level of patronage of our services and coupled with our desire to improve the social status of individual refugees through effective training by way of similar workshops, CHRAD seeks assistance from donor agencies, philanthropists and well-wishers.


CHRAD consists of young and energetic Liberian refugees with number of years of working experience from number organizations within the camp settlement who are determined to continue learning and serving for the purpose of transforming the underprivileged in society like in the case of refugees’ situation. Having had first-hand experiences on hard economic situation, deprivation of basic needs, torture, and maltreatment as the result of the civil crisis in Liberia where majority of the staff hail, the staff have indicated high level of determination to make a bigger difference.

Additionally, CHRAD is networked with community leaders, the youth and the elderly. By this, and with the availability of resources, backed by Ghanaian well-wishers who have assisted in diverse ways and still determined to continue supporting, CHRAD can easily implement its pending and other necessary and timely projects.


Our weaknesses are centered on lack of resources to effectively implement pending activities. This accounts for the youth under-development within the settlement in general. The staffs being refugees themselves do not also hold higher qualifications despite their eagerness for self-advancement. For this reason, and with the availability of resources, CHRAD intends to undertake staff development on a tailor-made basis to the project activities. Fortunately, the staffs’ plight for self-advancement remains high such that they could be better prepared to serve the vision. 



The willingness of the staffs to learn and serve, coupled with our network with other Non-Governmental Organizations, the community leadership, the youth and the elders in general provides an opportunity to effectively implement projects with the availability of resources. Currently, the refugee population, estimated around 20,000 for whom most our projects are designed are desperately seeking avenues for self-empowerment prior to repatriation to homeland (Liberia).


CHRAD’s greatest threat has now become evidently clear through news broadcast, memos and verbal communications with some authorities that the Government of Ghana in collaboration with the Government of Liberia and the United Nations High Commissioner for refugees to permanently close down the refugee camp in which CHRAD is stationed and operates.  If this decision is not reviewed, CHRAD might have to be relocated in another village or moved to Liberia. 



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