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Cradle of Hope for Relief and Development



Our Vision

The Vision of CHRAD is to create a human society in which the primary concern and pursuit is the survival and development of mankind so as to make life for the disadvantaged worth living.

Our Mission:

CHRAD's mission is to make professional and accountable use of all available resources to transform deprived Sub-Saharan African communities into mines of knowledge and hives of productive economic activities thereby creating an environment of opportunities for all in every community.

Our Core Values

The following list of core values reflects what is truly important to us as an organization. These are not values that change from time to time, situation to situation, but rather they are the reinforcement of our organization’s culture and practice and include the following:

·         Creating life changing opportunities for evidently poor / deprived communities. 

·         Creating awareness and understanding of the effect of conflict among refugees.

·         by connecting organizations and people to promote peace and understanding through the principles of dialogue and the philosophy of non violence

·         We value process and patience and we also consider long-term impacts and sustainability prior to undertaking any project.

·         Building upon strengths and successes of deprived communities to overcome weaknesses and also help in identifying opportunities for an efficient and timely utilization of skills and resources in a transparent manner for the deprived / disadvantaged.

·         Building hope and confidence in beneficiaries of our service for self-sufficiency aimed at averting the idea of relying on relief supply for survival.

Our Philosophy

CHRAD strongly believes in the philosophy that empowering and involving victims or people with first hand experience of any situation will yield greater results and in the fight against both personal and collective challenges in overcoming that situation. This is backed by the idea that “the result of teaching a man to fish and giving him the needed resources to do that will be more sustained than giving him a fish”

This philosophy is further explained as follow:

1.      To campaign against “Drug Abuse”, people who were once users must be identified, helped to redefine their purpose for life and involved in the community.

2.      To campaign against “Domestic Violence”, victims of such violence must be identified, counseled, trained, resourced and involved in the community.

3.      To “Alleviate Poverty” in a deprived community, its loyal members must be identified, trained professionally and consciously, resourced and involved.

Certainly, to rehabilitate Refugees that they could overcome challenges to self-advancement so that they could, in the near future help rebuild their communities damaged by crises, Loyal Refugees (with patriotic consciousness) need to be identified and trained with relevant professional skills to take up the challenge.

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