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Helping a refugee child today to grow up professionally will go a long way towards minimizing future Human Resource waste and building communities, thereby sustaining global peace



As an organization, CHRAD sees it a core duty to improve the lives of refugees and other disadvantaged in societies. 

Currently, it is implementing a Refugee Rehabilitation Program (RRP) under the RRP initiative; we are recruiting volunteers from all over the world to facilitate the program in the following areas:

1.      Provide teaching service to school children from elementary through senior high school.

2.      Provide In-Service Training and educational administrative skills to young recruited non professional teachers and head of refugee managed schools.

3.      Provide career guidance and counseling services to school children and young adults.

4.      Provide other forms of counseling such as marriage and family counseling, mental health counseling, substance-abuse counseling and rehabilitation counseling etc.

5.      Developing proposals for fund raising in support of various aspect of the program.

6.      Collecting educational aid and other forms of material such cloths, schools medical aid etc to support the refugee community.

Benefits to Beneficiary community

·         School enrollment of refugee children and other disadvantaged / street children will be improved since challenges confronting them will be gradually but consistently addressed.

·         Marriage couples living in disarray will now be happier as they will counsel on domestic violence issue and its effects by professional counselors.

·         The poor health situation confronting refugees and its community will be improved through the provision of medical aid to those who cannot afford their medical expenses, increase medical professional to reduce the high rate o doctor-patient ratio among others. 

Benefits to the Volunteer

Young graduates volunteers will benefit in the following ways:

·         Improve on your social and technical skills transferable to any business environment.

·         Develop interpersonal, team building and practical problem solving skills through their interactions with the disadvantaged.

·         Explore career opportunities since you will be gaining hand-on work experience needed to take up international assignment.


1.      Young graduates, male or female, from any part of the world who can speak and write English language either as an official language or a second language or with a passionate desire to help the disadvantaged in diverse way and 18 years and above can apply. 

2.      Retired professionals with specialization in various filed such as Medical, Education, Counseling, Administration, Legal Service, Medial Practice and Advocacy, Child Care Development, Fund Raising etc who wish to share their experience or assist the less privileged in society are warmly welcome to apply.


Please fill  Application Form fill in and send to:

Lawrence Saah Varnie


Cradle of Hope for Relief and Development

P. O. Box NB 754,

Nii Boiman, Accra Ghana


Fax : +233 307 012 447 or +233 21 245 922 and indicate Atten: CHRAD


We accept volunteers throughout the year in all aspect of the services described above. Interested persons whose area of interest or specialization do not fall under the above professions may discuss their intention with the director for possible placement. Intention to donate could also be communicated to the director or simply visit our donation column.


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